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Alpinum Biathlon Impulse Tour

Want to try biathlon?

Then come and participate in the 1st amateur biathlon race (50m shooting range) on Saturday 25th février 2017 in les Contamines Montjoie.

racing format

Individual Biathlon Open

Train shooting with the advice of a coach and start the race when you decide (within a 2 hour window).

Your time will be displayed at the finish.

Course: a 1.5 km loop to be skied 3 times + 2 attempts at shooting, 1 lying down with a support the other lying down without a support. 75 m penalty loop.

2 starts per person possible.

Team relay (3 people per team)

Each member oft he team performs 3 loops of about 1.5 km and has 2 attempts at shooting.

– 25 teams in Mass Start

– 1 attempt at shooting with a support

– 2nd attempt at shooting without support

– 75m penalty loop

– 50 metre shooting range with 22LR rifles provided by the organization.